Solange Blanchefleur de Lux





English Voice Actress:

Laura Bailey

Solange, also known as Solange Blanchefleur De Lux, is the main protagonist of Code of Princess who weilds the sword DeLuxcalibur and is the heir to the throne of DeLuxia. Her English voice actress is Laura Bailey.


When the Kingdom of DeLuxia was under attack caused by monsters and the army of Queen Distiny, King Golgius entrusts Solange with the mission to protect the DeLuxcalibur. She lifts the sword from the pedastal and activates it's power. In the aftermath she meets Ali-Baba, the former leader of a band of thieves, who informs her that DeLuxia had fallen. Though disheartened, she takes the sword and vows to save the world.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Solange appears as an 18-year-old girl with long blonde hair reaching down to her waist, blue eyes and a beautiful figure with C-cup breasts which are partially revealed. Her outfit is what she considers a "royal gown". She wears a princess' crown on her head. The outfit itself is very revealing, revealing almost everything. Her breasts are partially covered by a special armor like patsies. Her elbow guards and gloves are lined with a frill. The outfit exposes her middriff. She wears a belt around her thighs and wears a pair of panties. The back of this has a sem that extends down to her feet. Her footwear is reminisant of roman footwear like strap high heels. She also wears a golden garder on her left leg.

Personality-wise, she has a strong sense of duty when charged by her father the king to take the sword DeLuxCalibur leading to a serious mindset. This can often be set off by a sense of naivety and a sense of love. She does tend to get angry when people make fun of her gown.

Fighting StyleEdit

Solange's Fighting Style involves wielding her mighty sword, the Deluxcalibur, with relative ease. While she hangs a bit before her attacks strike, they pack a whallop, many by causing the enemy to hit the floor or fly away.